"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating."
Luciano Pavarotti

About Us

Mitchelton’s Delicatezza café is a chic space with a dedicated focus on simple, honest food. Quality ingredients are the key, along with owner Peter Shaw’s attention to detail.

Delicatezza was originally a Deli that opened its doors in 2007, but Shaw saw the potential and purchased the business in June 2010. From when you walk in the door and sample what’s on offer, it is obvious Peter wants to share his love of coffee and food with you.  From their silky smooth coffee and heart-warming Lindt hot chocolates to their “made with love” condiments, you will truly feel a part of this relaxed, family run café. As Shaw says “First class coffee and superb food is at the heart and soul of everything we do”.

A little bit about Peter

What had you done previously?
I started my cooking in high pressure restaurants including the torturous Tables of Toowong under Russell Armstrong and then migrated to delis - this is my fourth. Also did three years overseas including two years cooking aboard private yachts. 

What or who has been your biggest inspiration in the kitchen?
Christophe Faivre, a chef renowned in Burgundy and someone I was blessed to work with intimately for six months. He did two full apprenticeships under Guy Savoy, “one in salt and one in sugar”. I also got a private chefs tour of Burgundy with Faivre for two magical weeks. No foam, dust and bubbles there. Just real French cooking in its purest form. 

What makes Delicatezza tick?
It’s an obvious concept, but we get a lot right. The welcoming and clean ambience, the disarming charm of our staff and the food which pumps a fresh vibe into breakfast, lunch and handmade sweets. 

What do you strive for in the kitchen? 
Honesty. Delicious handmade food, with a chef’s twist. I want to leave people impressed. 

What’s a popular dish on the menu right now? I think the quality of our deli platter has got people talking. It’s the platter I would want going to a fine Deli. It mixes some of the most exclusive cheeses and salami anywhere with our famous handmade condiments and signature duck and truffle parfait with moscato jelly. Also had a generous local who kept giving us fresh mulberries so I made many mulberry pies.

Where do you like to eat out?
Anywhere with my darling Tania. I love going to The Chelsea. I think chef Michael Hoare has got it just right there.