"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating."
Luciano Pavarotti

Our Products

You can enjoy a little bit of the Delicatezza magic at home with our range of homemade gourmet products.  The condiments at Delicatezza are all made in-house weekly, using fresh local farmers produce and prepared lovingly by our chefs.  Whether you like rich, bold and spicy Brinjal pickles or the sweetness of a chilli jam, take home a jar bursting with flavour to add to your favourite dishes. 

Tomato Kasundi          $12.95
A fresh (not to spicy) version of tomato relish. Great with avocado and smoked salmon. 

Brinjal Pickle          $12.95
Classic Indian eggplant chutney with lovely deep flavours. Perfect with on toast with avocado, salami and even egg sandwiches.

Piccalilli Relish          $12.95
Is a classic accompaniment to a ploughman's lunch with our double smoked premium ham and vintage cheddar.

Corn Relish          $12.95
Corn Relish is also an old classic. Try mixing it with Philadelphia cream cheese and creating your own dip—delicious!
It also compliments corn meat sandwiches really well.

Peach Relish          $12.95
This fresh relish is a wonderful accompaniment to Peter's Duck Liver Pate (home made at Delicatezza) It is also great with chicken, pork and perfect with Christmas roast turkey.
Sweet Chilli Jam          $12.95
This is a great chutney. It has a slight sweetness giving the chutney a lovely warmth. It’s fantastic with crumbly cheese, smeared on toast with melted cheese or on a bacon sandwich.
Onion Jam          $12.95
Turn simple meals into something special with Peter's popular Onion Jam. 
This jam is fantastic on pretty much anything (steak, home made burgers, with cheese—the list goes on). Keep it in the fridge—but you can always serve warm or at room temperature.